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Amazon #1 Bestseller in 4 regions

INTUITIVE is a collection of stories from women who know and stand in their own power by living with their intuition leading their lives.


Justine Peacock - Best Selling Author and Intuitive Guide.

Welcome! I am Justine Peacock. I am here to help you be who you came here to be and do what you came here to do.

I am a psychotherapist, a career coach and an intuitive and healer trained in many ways of working with energy. An interesting mix, right?


I work with conscious and open women who are ready.  Ready to step into their highest expression of themselves and create lives that reflect that. To live a purpose-full life.

So if you are after more confidence or more clarity, a sense of purpose, a new job, relationship or financial paradigm, I can help you.

There is no greater feeling than being free to be yourself and stepping into the life you know is waiting there for you when you are ready to step into it.

Are you ready to be
who you came here to be?

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Personal Session with Justine

Sessions just for you. We work on and deal with any issues that may be holding you back.


Happy Girl

The Truth of You
Signature Program

A world-class premium program designed just for you. Get ready to step into the truth of who you really are and what you came here to do.


Here’s what I know:


You are born connected to a vast and infinitely intelligent and powerful universe. 


You are part of it, made from it. It is in you and outside of you.

You can remember how to connect to it, call on it, use it to guide your life, find your purpose and help yourself and others. 


When you re-connect with the Universe and your Truth, the real magic begins – you start living as you always intended but didn’t know how.

Are you ready to remember who you really, truly are and reclaim that? Are you ready to fulfil your purpose in this life and create more meaning? 


Let’s go!



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