If you are ready start your journey into self-development and expanding your connection to yourself and Source/All That Is (however you define or call this),  or you are ready to go to the next level in your self-development or spiritual growth process then Theta Healing is for you!


ThetaHealing is a transformative and powerful process that helps you heal yourself and others. It uses a simple meditation technique to access a Theta brain wave state.


Over three full days for the Basic workshop and 2.5 for the Advanced, I will teach you how to become a ThetaHealing practitioner.


In this course we will teach you new skills and expand your sense of what is possible for you and your life beyond anything you could expect.


In this Theta state you will access:

  • A sense of deep peace and connectedness

  • Connection to your own intuition and expanding these intuitive abilities

  • Ability to identify your subconscious beliefs and patterns and to clear them and shift them easily and powerfully.


ThetaHealing can be used to help you with any aspect of your life including:

  • Finding clarity and purpose

  • Releasing long held patterns and beliefs that are blocking you from moving forward into your best life

  • Reduce anxiety and depression

  • Support you to clear blocks around manifesting what you want in your life and creating more abundance

  • Help with finding work you love

  • Help deepen your self awareness, intuitive guidance and ability to have deep and stable connections with those you are in relationship with.




Workshops run 9am-4.30pm Friday through to Sunday inclusive.


A deposit $100 secures your place and a balance of $495 is payable prior to the course starting.

Payment plans are available.


Included in this price is:

  • Three full days of high quality tuition and support

  • Text book

  • Manual

  • Morning and afternoon tea

  • Certificate

  • Post course support through access to Private Facebook Group.


Next workshop – TBA


If you are keen to learn ThetaHealing email me and find out when I am coming to your city.


If you have a group of people interested I can come and create a life changing weekend for you and your friends/colleagues.