Healing Through the Chakras

A unique way to transform your life and heal through the chakras



Healing Through the Chakras is a one of a kind intensive program for people who are ready to truly transform a particular area of their life.  It is for those who are prepared to dive deep into the core of the problem - whatever it may be.


If you are ready to deep dive and transform your issue this is your opportunity.

Whether it is:

  • banishing scarcity and abundance and releasing money blocks so you can align with prosperity and abundance

  • Transform your work or business or create a huge leap forward into a job or business you love

  • Release old fears and habits so you are ready to attract your soul mate

  • Transform your relationship with yourself from self-sabotage to self care and confidence

  • Something else that is a persistent block to you showing up as you want to!


This program works with energy and intuition, with intention and allowing energetically and practically to release old energy and patterns, activate the flow of energy and consciousness to permanently alter the situation.


The program consists of 7 dynamic and transformational coaching and energy healing sessions undertaken every two weeks via Skype or telephone.


We look at the vibration you are sending out into the universe and we work to heal, upgrade and delete the patterns and thought processes that do not serve you.  We create a wonderful opportunity for you to walk your highest path.


Session-by-Session – here’s how we do it!


Each person’s energy field is completely unique so the journey will be different for everyone. Healing Through The Chakras  enables you to understand your energy field, so you can receive tailored insights and healing specifically designed to clear and strengthen your chakras.  This process will set you up for the success of your desire!

Each session focuses on one of your seven energy centres (chakras) plus an introductory and final overview.  We delve intuitively and energetically into each area of your body and spirit to identify limiting programs held at a subconscious level.  We locate and clear blocked energy that is keeping you from moving through your core issues.


Following is a session-by-session guide to the way things may unfold and how we create transformation in your relationship field:


DISCLAIMER – I can’t guarantee the exact outcome as it varies from individual to individual. I can promise you that you will transform your energy field and vibration and move a load of beliefs and energetic blocks that are in the way of what you want.  You WILL transform the way you see yourself and think about our life.  You will be in a MUCH BETTER PLACE to have what you want. You will TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE.


Session One – Get Set to Heal

We start with a BANG!

In this 90 minute session I will introduce you to your chakra system and help you understand your key energy centres, how the chakra system works and why it is so important to the state of your health and quality of your life.


Net we connect and clarify your issue or issues and create an incredible outcome for our time together.

I give you a complete chakra diagnosis so you (and I) understand what is going on in each of your chakras. This will set you up so you can energetically make sense of what is happening for you and how it is showing up in your life.


Together we explore (amongst other things) your relationship history, family beliefs, ancestral patterning and any trauma or limits you are holding onto. We also clear karma, past life issues, soul contracts and a vast range of energetic and habitual elements that are affecting you in this space.


We allow the energy and intuitive guidance to show us the source of your blocks, your limiting beliefs, the origin of the dissatisfaction or stuck-ness in your life.


We also connect you to what you really want – to your highest expression of yourself.


We introduce you to the base chakra so you can start to pay extra attention to this area over the next two weeks.  You will have some home-play to engage in that is tailored to your needs and aimed at helping you to move the energetic changes into the physical realm by changing self-talk and entrenched behaviours.


Session 2 – Base Chakra

The base chakra is your foundation. Your sense of grounding and security.

When we don’t feel safe, secure, grounded and present in life it is hard to attract the things we desire. Without a strong base chakra your manifesting current is not operating as well as it could be.


We deep dive into the base chakra and find out the blocks and holes in this fundamental space. We clear and heal the energy stuck and stagnating in this chakra so that you can start to feel more present in your life, more solid, secure and ready to move forward.


During this week we may look at issues of trust and abandonment plus issues of manifestation.


Session 3 – Sacral Chakra

 The sacral chakra is a key week when looking at creating change and lives which are filled with pleasure and meaning. This chakra also represents issues of belonging, connection, relationships and receiving money from our innate gifts. We all need to belong and feel connected.


In this chakra we look at issues of isolation, connection ruptures and betrayal. We clear past relationships (not just romantic) and wounds, we clear core beliefs relevant to your issue.


We land you in a place of greater trust and confidence in yourself and the universe.


Session 4 – Solar Plexus Chakra

Your Solar Plexus chakra, is your energetic gatekeeper. It is the source of your sense of self, of personal power and boundaries. Many of us are on a long time journey to heal this chakra and bring it back to health.


We may head in many directions at this point but some of the things that commonly arise for clearing are issues of self-love and self worth. Also, feelings around receiving, entitlement and deservability.


We look at how you show up in  your life - how you let people into your space – how you let people overstep boundaries or how you give yourself away or hold yourself back.


We rebalance your Solar Plexus and give you awareness of any boundary issues and support you on the journey of strengthening them to their ideal place.


Session 5 – Heart Chakra

 Here we look at identifying and clearing the issues of the heart – the hidden hurts and fears. Issues of guilt and forgiveness.


  • How can you allow love in all its forms to permeate your life if you do not love yourself or are not connected to the infinite wisdom of the heart chakra?

  • How do you love and open up to the magic and opportunities in life when you are carrying current, past life or generational hurt, mistrust and betrayal in your heart?

We support you to a place of peace, we tap into the infinite intelligence and compassion of the heart and connect you with this.


Session 6 – Throat Chakra


Step up, speak out, and create the life of your dreams!


The throat chakra is a powerful centre of creation and an instrument for us to express our truth and sho up with authenticity. It is how we communicate who we are and what we want in our lives.

Whether you are having trouble knowing what to say, or saying what you know, or trouble holding your tongue, clearing blocks in this areas will enable you to step up and communicate your truth with loving clarity to the world.


In its healed state this is a chakra of manifestation – understanding the power of our words, of creative expression, planning and articulating.


Session 7 & 8 – Third Eye and Crown Chakra and Integration


In your final two sessions we look into the blocks to your intuition (third eye chakra) and your connection with the Universe (crown chakra) and knowingness.

Through improving your intuition and being able to trust it, as well as releasing any feeling that the Universe is not on your side, you allow yourself to fully release the remaining blocks around these issues.


Whilst these two chakras are powerful and very important, the majority of issues we hold are in the bottom 5 chakras and in particular the elements you need to clear away will usually lie in chakras 1, 2 and 3.


In these final sessions we also check in and ensure your entire energy field is connected and flowing and you are in alignment with your purpose with with the Universe. From this place you are connected to your self and your truth, connected with and supported by the universe and able to call in the unlimited support you need and know you will receive it.

By this time you will have Healed Through The Chakras!


Seven one-on-one Skype sessions lasting one hour each plus in-between email support $1297.