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Healing Through The Chakras

A unique way to transform your life and heal through the chakras



Healing Through the Chakras is a one of a kind intensive program for people who are ready to truly transform a particular area of their life.  It is for those who are prepared to dive deep into the core of the problem - whatever it may be.


If you are ready to deep dive and transform your issue this is your opportunity.

Whether it is:

  • banishing scarcity and abundance and releasing money blocks so you can align with prosperity and abundance

  • Transform your work or business or create a huge leap forward into a job or business you love

  • Release old fears and habits so you are ready to attract your soul mate

  • Transform your relationship with yourself from self-sabotage to self care and confidence

  • Something else that is a persistent block to you showing up as you want to!


This program works with energy and intuition, with intention and allowing energetically and practically to release old energy and patterns, activate the flow of energy and consciousness to permanently alter the situation.


The program consists of 7 dynamic and transformational coaching and energy healing sessions undertaken every two weeks via Skype or telephone.


We look at the vibration you are sending out into the universe and we work to heal, upgrade and delete the patterns and thought processes that do not serve you.  We create a wonderful opportunity for you to walk your highest path.


Each person’s energy field is completely unique so the journey will be different for everyone. Healing Through The Chakras  enables you to understand your energy field, so you can receive tailored insights and healing specifically designed to clear and strengthen your chakras.  This process will set you up for the success of your desire!

Each session focuses on one of your seven energy centres (chakras) plus an introductory and final overview.  We delve intuitively and energetically into each area of your body and spirit to identify limiting programs held at a subconscious level.  We locate and clear blocked energy that is keeping you from moving through your core issues.




Seven one-on-one Zoom sessions lasting one hour each plus in-between email support.