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One Off Power Alignment Session

 - 60 minute session


Join me for a transformative 60 minute Zoom session.

This session can be used as:

A one-off course correction and alignment session

An introduction to working with me more consistently or

As a powerful periodic energetic clearing because, let’s face it – energetic work is like having a shower – you would never just do it one time!


This program is for you if you:

Are keen to get a powerful energetic clearing and understand more about how your energy, thoughts and beliefs and your patterns and habits are creating your current life circumstances.

Perhaps you want to:

  • Clear blocks to clarity, purpose and direction

  • Clear old energetic attachments to people and create space for new relationships and possibilities

  • Clear money blocks and

  • Understand a long-standing situation or pattern/habit and begin to unravel it and replace it with a more favourable one


Your Investment:

  • Pre-session questionnaire to set you up for a powerful session

  • 90 minutes of powerful energetic clearing, alignments and upgrades and– energetic, practical, spiritual, emotional etc

  • A personalised chakra reading (if requested)

  • practical strategies for you to takeaway to sustain and enhance the energetic clearing and ensure you receive the maximum impact in our life on all levels

  • Email access to me for follow up support for a two week period post your session

  • Recording of the call for you to keep and refer back to.


Cost - $175