Creating An Abundance Mindset

Creating an Abundance Mindset

“Abundance is not something we acquire, is something we tune into.” Wayne Dyer

With so much change and uncertainty in our lives, I thought it might be a good time to look at how to create an abundance mindset. Let’s face it - when you’re feeling blocked or stuck and in a place of lack, it isn’t a good feeling. We have all been there. It is a lonely, constricted place. In contrast, when we feel we are aligned with the flow of abundance, we feel grounded, engaged, uplifted and connected.

But what is an Abundance Mindset and how can we consciously be in this place more often?

Here I Go Again!

It can be quite easy to get stuck repetitive thoughts of “lack” and to revisit these same unhelpful thoughts and expectations again and again. All too easily we create longstanding, almost unexpected, negative expectations and/or to focus on what we do not have.

Why is this?

First up, you’re fighting against instinct - the brain is a fault-finding device and is trained to find the fault and the flaws – what’s not working not what is. Like trying to learn to write with your non-dominant hand it will feel awkward and hard for a while.

As I said, your brain wants to keep you safe and to do this, it will scan and seek for danger and limit you for your own protection. If we do not train our brain otherwise, it will always seek out what is wrong and what is not working in our lives.

The problem with this is when we focus on what we don’t have, we can unknowingly live from a place of scarcity and negative expectation. If like attracts like, the ongoing outcome of thinking scarce thoughts is more scarcity and lack.

Creating an Abundance Mindset

An abundance mindset focuses on unlimited possibility in every situation. An abundance mindset is a place of vision, allowing and receiving. It’s a place of alignment between you and the infinite flow of the universe. You will know you are here by the way it feels!!!

1. Learn to recognise your thoughts

The best place to start is by becoming conscious of your thoughts – notice when you are looking at the world from a place of scarcity and abundance – become aware of where your mind habitually goes. Often these pathways are laid down in childhood – we pick up our parents’ dominant thoughts and perspective.

Get curious about your beliefs - do you habitually tell yourself that something won’t go your way? Do you feel like you will always be the one to miss out or that worry that you will be over looked? Or have you learnt to “expect the worst” to insulate yourself from disappointment? Learn to identify the thoughts that stop you from thinking abundantly.

Richard Hartman is a British Professor of Psychology at Hartford University. He researches what makes people lucky. Amongst his findings he discovered that lucky people are both observant and optimistic. They focus on what IS working in their lives and they notice the small details that others often overlook.

2. Focus on what you already have

Start where you are and create an abundance mindset by being aware of just how much you do have. Remember, there is always someone who would gladly swap your worst day for their life.

A daily gratitude practice can really help you start to slow down and notice the tiny details. Many people find sticking to a daily gratitude practice life changing! It will help you begin to deeply appreciate all that has been given to you and recognise what you have created. Like attracts, like so feeling grateful and blessed creates an abundance state.

3. Connect to your creative power

When you anchor into your most empowered self and recognise your innate capacity to create change in your life, you are reinforcing an abundance mindset. We are powerful creators of our experiences but sometimes we learn to or choose to disconnect from our own power along the way.

Part of this process might include reclaiming your sense of deserving and sense of worth so that you are open to receive. Without being open to receive it is like ordering everything you desire on Amazon but forgetting to give them your address! We have to be open and willing to receive or the Universe has nowhere to send the blessings it wants to send you. Work on affirming “I am open and willing to receive” and “I create my own reality”.

Try reading these amazing books to support you with your reconnection:

· E2 by Pam Grout

· Personal Power Through Awareness – Orin and Daben

4. Develop a range of manifestation practices to support you.

Create a tool kit of manifestation and positive mindset resources and habits. This might include creating a vision board every year or quarter, having a mantra that affirms your abundance intentions or journaling your vision of your life regularly. It will also help to do belief work and clear false and unhelpful beliefs around scarcity and lack.

Remember, is the little things we think and do every day that have the most impact on creating a life of abundance. True abundance is in the details. Focus on the little moments and step by step your life will flourish into something beautiful and rich.

If you want to learn more, you can visit or join me at my Facebook group the Conscious Women’s Collective. In both of these places you’ll find tips tools and resources and information about how to work with me.

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