Ten Past Life Clues - Hidden in Plain Sight

Curious About Your Past Lives?

Here are Ten Past Life Clues Hidden in Plain Sight.

If you believe in past lives or reincarnation, or are at least open to the idea, you might be curious to know more about those previous incarnations and who you were before this incarnation. What if I told you that there might be clues to your past life experiences hidden in plain sight? Sitting in the everyday details of your life?

Hidden in your likes and dislikes are the seeds of times gone by. I am not just talking about high level preferences, but things that have a deeper pull coming from deep within. You are looking for things you are strongly drawn to again and again over the years and decades. Ideas, images, cultures that you are repeatedly drawn to or intrigued by. You are also looking for things you have a strong fear of or aversion to. They must be areas of emotional charge and attachment - both positive or negative.

But How? The Magic of Cellular Memory

First up, before we dive into the signs and clues, where do these memories come from?

These memories and preferences are held in our cellular memory. Cellular memory is the idea that not just your brain stores memories, but that your cells do as well. That within each cell of our body is the memory of every experience in this life and even of your past lives and ancestral memories and trauma.

One of the best examples of this is the many documented cases of recipients of donor organs who often report having strange cravings or flashbacks, even gaining new skills and abilities and finding themselves in new emotional states that align with their (now deceased) organ donors. Remembering that the donor and the recipient do not know each other – organ donation is a carefully managed and anonymous process.

These cases document memories and cravings that are completely new to the recipient – that have come through the cells of the new organ they have received and permeated the lives of their recipients.

In a similar way, cellular memory can carry down through lifetimes the faint memories and experiences of our earlier incarnations.

What To Look For....

So, now that we have a better understanding about how these memories can still be with us after all this time and how they can survive through different incarnations, where do you look to find clues to who you may have been before?

Here are my top Ideas of the places to look:

1. Dreams and nightmares

Key past life memories and images may appear in your dreams. From recurring dreams, images, places and even bad dreams. All sorts of clues and rememberings can come to you in the dream state. If you have a recurring dream you cannot otherwise make sense of, positive or negative, it could be a clue to a past life existence and something that remains unresolved and wants your attention.

2. Phobias and Fears

Unexplained fears and phobias may have their origins unresolved in past life traumas.

Brian Weiss, the Harvard psychiatrist who brought past lives into the mainstream in his book Many Lives, Many Masters, famously his first client had an unknown fear of water and when he regressed her he finally asked her to go back to where it all began and ended up in a past life where she drowned. Once she revisited the source of the trauma, her unexplained water phobia disappeared.

Some examples of these fears and phobias may include an otherwise inexplicable fear of heights, being widowed, small places, birds, water, fire, childbirth to name just a few.

3. Unexplained Memories

There are tons of documented cases of children who can recall intimate and verifiable details of their previous lives, much to the astonishment of their parents.

Often these memories disappear as people get older, but adults can also have unexplained past life memories triggered. Some examples include, when visiting a city or a place for the first time, when watching a movie or reading a book or just spontaneously. Sometimes when people embark on a regime of meditation they may find that images and flashes of past lives memories can arise either during in meditation or waking life.

4. Your Career Preferences and Jobs

What profession did you choose, what other professions would you have also liked to have pursued, if you could have?

I have a natural sense of personal justice and was drawn to becoming a lawyer (which I did), but, I also have always felt drawn to being a nurse or doctor. I am intrigued by the world of essential oils and love using natural remedies to support myself and my family. Also, I have frequent images of having lived a monastic life (in another era) and in isolated rural places.

Think about your own career choices and interests in this area. What have you chosen to do and what would you love to do if you could choose something else? If you have travelled for work, look at where you have travelled to as you may have also worked there in other life times.

5. Yearnings and Repetitive Beliefs

Examining your deep yearnings and desires can provide clues of past incarnations. A deep yearning for children, a yearning for connection to a close-knit community, to lead a group and many other things may have their roots in a past life experience or trauma.

Also, look at your deep unexplained beliefs, expectations or aversions eg. being homeless, or broke or without love, dying without completing your life purpose.

Whilst all part of the human condition, these may also be energetic memories or hang overs from another time. It is certainly worthy of further thought and further consideration.

6. Eras and Times in History

Are you drawn to particular times in the past or particular cities or cultures?

Have you visited a town or region and felt deeply at home or even known your way around.

Do you have a yearning to go or return somewhere?

Also, do you have sense of struggle, deep yearning for adventure, fear of being left alone,

where have you always wanted to visit, where have you been and felt drawn to or felt at home. Where have you travelled for work or found yourself.

When I travelled through England and Wales and visited ruined Abbeys I felt so drawn to them. I love

7. Natural Preferences

Are you a sea or land type of person?

Having an in-built and deep affinity for one or the other may indicate a lifetime spent as a sailor, working on boats, as a fisherman etc.

I once did a healing on a client. Every time she got stressed or upset she had with a crushing feeling on her chest. This was unusual, so I went into this and was shown that in her past life she was a lumber jack. He had died alone under a fallen tree and this was the source of her crushing sensation whenever she was distressed.

Once we went back and cleared this memory and the lumber jack who had died alone had been witnessed, the crushing sensation lessened and she felt much relief. In addition to this, she mentioned that she always felt at home in the forest. In the forest she felt at peace and a deep sense of connection there. And was not drawn to the sea at all.

8. Interests and Passions

What are you interested in?

What do you love to explore and learn about?

This interest is beyond just a hobby or interest but what do you really, deeply feel drawn to and have a natural affinity for.

Do you love growing herbs or gardening, particular types of art or painting, piano, doing woodwork. I truly believe that young child prodigies – the ones that organically start playing at 2 and are concert pianists at 7 are quite possibly channelling skills from other times.

9. Birthmarks and Unexplained Health Problems

Sylvia Browne renowned American psychic studied the correlation between birthmarks and scars on her clients in past life regressions and serious or fatal injuries in past lives. In 90% of situations there was a direct correlation. Others have studied it too.

For more information see her book Past Lives, Present Healing.

Sylvia’s book and other sources have documented evidence of cases where people have done past life regressions and found that current day and unexplained health conditions are similar to ones suffered in previous incarnations. unexplained health issues. This can include problems with breathing, neck problems, back problems etc. In many cases the health problems have been relieved or removed after the past life healing.

10. Feeling as Though the Earth is not your Home

Many old souls experience a feeling that they are not at home on the earth. This persistent feeling can make it hard to be here and is a hallmark of someone who remembers lives before this one in other realms and places.

Where To From Here??

I hope you have found my thoughts on this topic of interest. I have no definitive proof apart from the experiences I have had as an intuitive, things I have read and been told.

It is certainly a fascinating area.

If you are interested in learning more about your past lives or healing past life trauma, please email me or book a session at my website

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