5 Secrets of Highly Intuitive People

Are you interested in expanding your intuitive skills? Maybe intuition is a mystery to you or maybe you are intuitive but keen to be more in touch with your intuition on a day to day basis.

As a fourth-generation psychic, I think family lineage can play a role. I also know for sure that we are all born with intuitive abilities and there are simple things we can do to increase our intuition. Whilst I was born psychic, I learned to shut it down and block it for many years when I was at university and working as a young lawyer.

Once I set an intention to reclaim my intuition (in my mid-twenties), and as I cleared limiting beliefs and traumas, I returned to what I believe is our birthright – the ability to access and trust our intuition.

What can you do to increase your intuition? Here are the top secrets of highly intuitive people.

1. Open Your Mind

The more we have released the past and made peace with it, the more lightness there is in our field and the more space there is to connect with higher wisdom and messages. Negative beliefs, old traumas, unexpressed disappointment, hurts and betrayals sit in our energy field and weigh us down. Similarly, strong emotions (grief, anger, resentment, regret) and fixed mindsets can cloud or block our intuition.

During our life we often collect unhelpful levels of doubt, skepticism. We may have taken on our parents’ views or closed our minds down as a result of painful events. Being willing to see things differently and open our mind creates a doorway for our intuition to expand. And, unencumbered by the stories and pain of the events of the past creates an openness through which intuition can enter.

2. Stop Over Scheduling

Life moves quickly, we have full and busy lives.

Many people get caught in over-committing and over scheduling. Poor boundaries around time and over committing occur for many reasons – because people believe their worth comes from being busy, fear of missing out (FOMO), people pleasing and an inability to say “no”.

But over scheduling is a guaranteed pathway to staying in a heightened state of activity and stress. To receive intuitive hits you need to be in a receptive state or at any rate have a sense of balance in your feminine and masculine energy. This involves creating space in your life.

Intuitive messages and senses or hunches come as whispers that drop into the spaces. If we are too busy or have too much inner noise going on we cannot hear the inner knowing and guidance that is our intuition

Be honest with where you are at and how much space you have versus how much space you need. Start to find ways to create small gaps in your schedule. Re-frame the way you think about space and down time as an investment in your intuitive capabilities as well as supporting a state of deep rest and restoration in the body.

3. Connect to Your Body and Listen

Intuition can be a knowingness, a gut feel, a sense of uneasiness, a feeling of positive energy building in our bodies. It comes from a body-mind connection and is a whole-body experience. If you are living in your head and disconnected, this will hinder your ability to tap into your intuition.

Creating space (point 2), slowing down and meditating (point 4) will support you to create more body-awareness and learn to recognize and trust your body’s messages.

4. Meditate

Meditation is essential for expanding your intuition. It allows the mind to quieten and creates space for you to tune in and receive insights and inspiration.

Many people struggle to meditate. Their minds are full and jumbled and sitting still with their thoughts and breath is almost tortuous. Meditation is a learned skill that takes practice and consistency.

With commitment and over time, a regular meditation practice creates space, peace and deep relaxation in the mind and in the body whole. Healing energetic splits and creating clam in the nervous system.

5. Affirm Your Intention and Right to See and Know

Some people are afraid of what they might see or know if they are more intuitive. You have a right to embrace these abilities and to reclaim them. If you want to.

Intention and allowing create healing and change in your life. If you want to improve your intuition, you may have to overcome family, inherited or even past life beliefs that it is wrong or dangerous to see or know. Especially for women.

Value your insight, create space for it, trust it and act on it. Commit to becoming more intuitive. Eating clean food to keep your vibration high and strengthen your energy field will also help.

Essential Oils for Intuition

These are some of my favourite oils for supporting and expanding my intuition.

Frankincense, rose, jasmine, lavender, cedarwood, sandalwood, palo santo, rosemary.

Justine Peacock is a body-mind psychotherapist, coach and intuitive. To find out more about Justine’s work, doTERRA essential oils and working with Justine please visit or follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

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