Top 5 Essential Oils for Stress Busting

Top Five Essential Oils for STRESS BUSTING

Welcome to my Top Five Series where I set out in one place the top 5 go-to oils or oil blends for common challenges or ideal states.

This time we look at the top 5 essential oils you need to clear out the stress and start feeling grounded, calm and capable again.

Whether you work in an office or just have a busy life – most people experience “stress”.

Stress is the natural by-product of energy or stimulation coming into the system faster than it can be processed. The system can’t cope, resulting in what we label as “stress” or “overwhelm”.

Essential oils work directly and almost instantaneously on the limbic brain – the part that is triggered by stress into fight/flight. Essential oils represent an instant emotional regulator and transformer.


Well known for its relaxant properties, Lavender is the world’s number one selling essential oil.

Highly multi-functional with a scent most people are familiar with and like, lavender is an oil that will work on all your chakras to harmonise and balance your energy. Its cleansing scent clears mental chatter and fatigue. It calms the mind and nervous system relieving anxiety and stress.

Keep Lavender oil in a roller bottle at your desk or in your bag and pull it out whenever tension starts to rise!

Wild Orange

The uplifting, sweet citrus scent of Wild Orange act to uplift and relax. Wild Orange is the oil of abundance and is an affordable and versatile oil with a scent that virtually everyone loves.

Use Wild Orange when you feel stressed to raise your spirits, clear your energy and bring in a fresh perspective. A great oil for mental fatigue and overwhelm which also opens you to receive nurturing and comfort.


Frankincense is a high vibration oil which, like Lavender, is very versatile and potent.

The oil of Frankincense will quickly and powerfully ground and centre your energy so you can have focus. Frankincense will act to raise your vibration and align you with the energies of peace, kindness, tolerance.

It will release you from mental loops, overwhelm at what needs to be done and negativity or powerlessness replacing these with being able to understand from a more detached perspective what is most important so you can take effective action.


I think of Vetiver as the essence of Mother Earth herself. A powerful grassy / green scent with fantastic sedative properties, Vetiver will anchor you quickly into your base chakra to ground you. During times of stress and overwhelm the energy rises up to our minds and heads and our thoughts begin to race. This oil helps to restore stasis to the system.

Vetiver is powerful for helping you hold focus and identify the current priority.

Use Vetiver alone or combined with Wild Orange to calm the nervous system, ground your energy and rebalance feelings so that you can come back to the task or goal in front of you.


The uplifting and joyful scent of Bergamot is the perfect stress-buster!

Long used in perfumes and Earl Grey tea, Bergamot is the oil of courage and self-confidence and perfect to pull out to lift your spirits and help bring in the joy!

Bergamot is a neuro-tonic which clears mental fatigue bringing in focus and mental clarity. Bergamot aligns you with positive self-talk and assists you to recognize and focus on your strengths. It will bolster your self-belief that you can manage and this alone can help you transform a situation.

There you have it – five of the most helpful oils for stress. Other oils that can assist with stress include sandalwood, petitgrain, clary sage, birch, fennel, grapefruit, lime, geranium, lemon, ginger.

Justine Peacock is an energetic psychotherapist, a coach and intuitive. If you would like to learn more about the wonderful world of energy therapy and essential oils, sign up at or follow her on Instagram – Justine_Peacock or on Facebook.

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