Deepening your Spiritual Practice with Essential Oils

Recently I wrote a blog post about Using Essential Oils to Enhance your Spiritual Practice. It outlined the basics but I felt like there were more specifics I wanted to share with you about how to really deepen your spiritual practice with essential oils. So welcome to my Advanced Blog Post on working with the oils!

Like most people you’ve probably heard about essential oils and may well have already incorporated these precious and powerful gifts of the earth into your health and lifestyle routine.

The therapeutic grade oils are so pure they have incredibly high vibrations.

Each oil has unique healing properties. There is a reason why we are returning at this time to seek the wisdom, power and help of these powerful gifts of the earth. They have so much to teach and offer us in our own health and healing on all levels at a time when we as individuals and the planet as a whole need it more than ever.

As a trained body mind psychotherapist, an intuitive and vibrational healer who has worked for many years with the chakras and with peoples’ energy fields, their emotions and thought patterns I hold deep respect and reverence for these oils.

I love incorporating oils into my own spiritual and personal growth practice and using them to support my clients so they can choose and work with oils that can support the in their journeys, too.

The Power of Scent

Throughout recorded time, scent has always played an unseen but powerful role in spiritual practices and ceremonies. Smoke has been used for indigenous ceremonies across the world, notably the lighting of sage for Native Americans, lighting Palo Santo for cleansing and clearing and Frankincense has long been used in the Christian tradition. Think also of the scent of the rose to invoke Mary Magdelene or the Divine Mother and there is a scent associated with each of the major Angels and Saints.

Using scent in our spiritual practice or personal connection time (whatever that looks like for you and however you create space for yourself) can help us connect with our inner knowing more readily and deeply. It can help us access our own higher awareness of yourself and higher guidance. It can also help us call in and work with angels and ascendant masters and ancestors.

How to work with Essentials Oils

Working consciously with the oils is about using them to support what you are already working on – bringing them into your personal growth practices.

I love to be able to identify and work with a particular oil or oils that enhances or eases what I am working through.

To guide me in my choice or when supporting clients to identify the best oil for them to work with, I look at a range of areas for indicators.

Ask yourself:

What is coming up in my meditation practice, the dominant thoughts and feelings.

What situations or patterns are arising for me that I want to clear and release?

For my clients (as well as for myself) I would look for karmic patterns, old events or traumas that are still impacting and seeking to be cleared.

(this may include starting things and not stopping, comparison-it is, lack of confidence, procrastination, staying stuck in “confusion”, feeling left out, fear of missing out)

I might also look at a person’s dominant or repetitive emotions and thoughts -

What thoughts, feelings or doubts are repeating or looping?

What feeling states is the person stuck in?

I might also look at what they are seeking in their life - what do they want more of?

What is their highest vision for themselves and how can I use oils to more fully align them with that?


The thing about oils is the more you know the more you realise how much there is to know.

Don’t sweat it!

Find yourself a god resource guide so you can access information about the spiritual and emotional capabilities of the oils.

You may like a resource guide for this (try Emotions and Essential Oils – A reference guide for emotional healing).

Here are my top ways to use oils in your spiritual practice

  1. Conscious choice

Here you consciously choose between 1-3 oils based on aligning what you are working on or the support you are needing.

Choose Your Oil based on what is going on for you right now and the properties a particular oil offers physically, emotionally and mentally.

For example, if you know you are in lack and want to feel abundance you may purposefully choose to diffuse Wild Orange either alone or in a blend.

When working with breaking family chains of the past and releasing ancestral patterns, choose to work with Petitgrain and select complementary support oils for related / associated issues.

Choose your Method - Use, Apply, Diffuse

To begin with you may simply diffuse the oils you like to work with or that you know support your particular state or situation at home, in the car, in the office whilst you go about your day.

You may apply most oils directly onto your skin. Always dilute appropriately with a carrier oil eg fractionated coconut oil and pop them in a roller bottle that you can keep in your bag for use anytime.

*NB - Please follow a dilution chart and remember that less is more.

Working in this way uses intentionality, mindfulness and consciousness to help you. You are aware that you are being supported by the oils and they are working with you throughout your day and on a deeper, unconscious and soul level they are working their magic.

2. Intuitive Oil Selection

This is perhaps my favourite way to work with essential oils. It is like saying to the Universe – “You know what I need – surprise me!”.

Here I will go to my collection, look at it, tune in and let between 1 and 3 oils call to me.

I will then look recall or look up the spiritual and vibrational properties of the oil and see what I am being called to release or step into.

For example, this morning I intuitively chose Clove oil. This is an oil for empowerment, being protected and clear boundaries.

On the flip side of the oil – it is used for self-sabotage and betrayal, poor boundaries and codependence.

Whilst I was not consciously working on these issues, I opened myself up to the essence, properties and message of the oil and whilst I did my yoga practice and throughout the day.

I allowed myself to be open to the subtle messages and see where and why this was showing up. I aligned with the healing potential of clove and to see gently where I might come into greater alignment with the positive properties of the oil.

3. Incorporating Oils into Meditation

Certain oils are known for enhancing connection with the meditative state – some for deepening, for transcending, for expanding intuition, receiving guidance etc.

Once you understand your intention and what oils you like working with choose the oil or have the oil choose you.

Select your oil and inhale directly from the bottle, diffuse or wear during your meditation practice. Allow the spiritual properties of the oil to take you deeper and deeper into your meditative state.

4. Use with Affirmations

I absolutely love that the oils all have affirmations attached to them and that you can of course make your own!!

Choose your oil and understand what it is designed to support you with. Identify or create an affirmation that resonates with you.

Work with the oil and say the affirmations – journal on what feelings arise.

Align with the essence of the oil – its vibration – bring it in to your space and allow it to infuse and heal and upgrade your own vibration.

Wear it (diluted) and carry it- say the affirmation as you re-apply during the day.

I align with the healing vibration of this oil.

I allow it to permeate my conscious and subconscious and all layers of my mental emotional and energetic field

I am willing to release blocks to XX

I am willing to align with XX

5. Create Your Personal Spiritual First Aid Kit

We all have key larger issues or themes we are working on over months, years or even decades. You know – the big recurring patterns or themes.

These are the karmic life patterns that we bring in to work on from other times.

These may look like:

Connection - I am alone and unsupported

Independence - I have to do it on my own

Boundaries - Challenges with keeping clear boundaries

Confidence – I am not enough, I do not matter

Victim mentality – people over look me. I get left out

Procrastination – it’s not safe to take action.

Based on your own tendencies I suggest you create your own tool kit of around 6 oils that you have with you and reach for anytime.

This kit contains these key oils that you love and support you with these bigger patterns. You can also have specific oils that are working for current issues.


When choosing to work with an oil I would say work for no more than 4 – 5 days with one single oil. This avoids overloading your system and keeps you fresh. After 1-3 days (5 max) the oil will have changed your state.

If you are still working with the issue then choose another oil that also calls to you and works in a complimentary fashion with the issue.

Always dilute properly and remember less is more with these potent beauties.

Justine Peacock is a trained body-mind psychotherapist, an intuitive and vibrational healer and a doTERRA Wellness Advocate.

Justine is passionate about supporting and empowering women to take their emotional spiritual mental wellbeing into their own lives and to do this by breaking free of limiting beliefs, unhelpful expectations and limits, encouraging them to rewrite their stories about themselves and their lives.

Come over and visit her at for free monthly alignment audios and more or reach out to learn how you can work with Justine.

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