The Art of Essential Oils & Spiritual Practice

As body-mind psychotherapist, a vibrational healer and intuitive, I work with the body-mind connection, the energy field and the chakras. I also work with limiting beliefs - both conscious and unconscious - because what we think and believe forms the basis of what we attract into our lives and who we become.

I have found pure, high vibration essential oils to be an invaluable tool in supporting myself and my clients in their personal growth journeys, with their spiritual and life challenges and in their spiritual practice.

The History of Scent and Healing

Scent has always played an unseen but powerful role in spiritual practices and ceremonies – for example scented smoke has been used since time began in indigenous ceremonies across the world.

Some notable scents used to support spiritual practices in different cultures include the lighting of Sage by Native Americans, lighting Palo Santo for cleansing and Frankincense, Myrrh and various other healing and cleansing oils widely used in the Christian tradition.

The scent of Rose (amongst others) is used for invoking the Divine Feminine, Mary Magdelene and/or the Divine Mother. There are also particular scents which can be used to invoke the presence or support of particular Angels and Saints.

How Oils and Spiritual Growth Align

I love to be able to match and work with a particular oil or oils that can support what I am working on growing through in my life.

Working consciously with essential oils is about using them as tools to support what you are already working on or being called to look at. It is about bringing them into your personal growth practices for additional support, alignment and vibrational healing.

Using the right essential oil in your spiritual practice or personal connection time (whatever that looks like for you and however you create space for yourself), can help to deepen relaxation, focus or awareness. It can bring about transcendent experiences, provide spiritual focus and deepen our connection and insight.

Oils can help you access higher awareness and higher guidance. It can also help you to work with angels and ascendant masters and ancestors, if that appeals to you.

Mindful Awareness - Start Where You Are

Start off by being aware of the thoughts, feelings and images that are coming up in your meditation practice or in moments of quiet reflection at this time. Begin to identify the dominant thoughts and feelings. What you observe will help you identify the oil to work with.

Outside your meditation in your daily life, or what are you working through personally, observe what challenges, themes and situations are arising for you and how are they making you feel?

Look at your desires and yearnings? What do you want more of or less of?

In my blog and on social media, I frequently suggest oils that work for particular situations based on their properties and vibration, but always remember that scent is a very personal experience so know that ultimately, you know what is best for you.

Otherwise, you can find the properties of the oils on the internet or through a good essential oil handbook.

How to Work With Your Oil

Once you have consciously identified an oil that you wish to work with be it for a day or a period of time to support you with an intention or situation here is how you can work with the oil.

Diffuse - whilst journaling, meditating or doing yoga. Heck! Diffuse it whilst doing the housework - have it surround you and working in the background unconsciously supporting you and bringing you into alignment.

Dilute and Anoint - Dilute with a carrier oil and lovingly and consciously anoint your body with it whilst using affirmations or holding the awareness of the specific properties of the oil in mind. You can say an affirmation whilst you do this.

Inhale – directly from the bottle or carry a few drops on a tissue or handkerchief with you. Again , sue it as a moment of mindfulness to connect and anchor you into your intention.

Sit with the oil and say the affirmations aloud.

Hold the bottle and really connect with the oil asking for its vibration to come in and align with you and your intention. Breathe and align with the healing essence and potential of the oil. Journal on what feelings arise, if any.

Doing this brings the vibrational essence of the oil and its healing properties into your space, your energy field and the morphic field of your situation.

Allow it to infuse and heal and upgrade your own vibration.

Out and About

During the day - wear it (diluted), carry it in a roll on or bottle - say the affirmation as you re-apply during the day. In the evening come back again to your oil, journal, reflect and allow the energy to support you to heal and transform whilst you sleep.

Some Ideas for Declarations, Intentions & Affirmations

In addition to using the specific affirmations of the oil and whatever comes to you as a specific affirmation when you connect with the oil here are some ideas.

Use these affirmations individually or collectively as a starting point. You can modify and also create your own.

Trust whatever comes to you and resonates when you say it. It will be perfect for you.

  • I align with the healing vibration of this oil.

  • I allow it to permeate my conscious and subconscious and all layers of my mental emotional and energetic field

  • I am willing to release blocks to creating what I want in my life

  • I am willing to align with my higher purpose now

  • I align with Divine Will and call all that which is in my highest and best forth now I am willing to receive. I am ready. Thank you.

If you have any questions or wish to know more about how to begin your journey with doTERRA essential oils and how to incorporate them into your spiritual or wellness routine, reach out to me or follow me on Facebook or Instagram.

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