Is Psychic Protection Necessary?

We all take time to invest in practical forms of protection. We take out various types of insurance, we lock our doors, we wear our seatbelts and take our vitamins. Here’s why we should take time to educate ourselves around psychic protection and how to protect ourselves when necessary.

My intuitive and energy healing clients and students often ask me if they need psychic protection.

Some people working in the energy healing space advocate it as critically important, others feel it is not at all relevant. Over the years I have come to believe that we do need to understand our energy fields and be able to protect ourselves psychically when necessary.

Here’s why understanding and managing your energy and being able to keep yourself psychically protected by running clear strong energy is essential if you want to shine your light in the world.

What is Psychic Protection?

Psychic protection could also be called energetic protection. It is the process of protecting ourselves from unseen energies and influences that weaken and impact on our own energy field and distort our energetic equilibrium.

This can involve recognising when you are vulnerable or have been exposed to negative energies or attachments from external places or people, and how to protect and cleanse yourself from these day to day exposures.

**(Please note that in this article I am not referring to protecting ourselves from Psychic Attack. This is when you are consciously or unconsciously targeted psychically by someone.)

Who needs Psychic Protection?

I used to think all you had to do was keep your chakras (and hence your energy field) strong and balanced, and you would not need psychic protection. In the main this is true – if you have a strong field and are grounded and present you are much less likely to need psychic protection.

However, because we are human, we all have times when we feel less energetically resilient ie when we are having a “low vibe day”. We all know people who can manipulate our energy and with whom we are more vulnerable. So no matter how strong and healthy our chakras are, being in tune with our own energy is critical to protecting ourselves and identifying when we need more support.

Also, some of us are naturally more energetically sensitive than others (think the classic ‘empath’) and some of us have picked up bad energetic habits over time (think taking on other people’s stuff in order to form a connection with them). The impact of this is that some of us need to be extra conscious of what we are doing with our energy, and perhaps even choose to upgrade and strengthen the energy we run if it is not serving us.

What Affects Our Baseline Energetic State?

Your baseline energetic state will determine how much psychic protection you need on a day to day basis.

The key is to understand your own energetic equilibrium and begin to understand who and what strengthens your field, and who and what weakens your field.

Your baseline ability to energetically protect yourself is affected by

  • The state of balance and harmony of your energy field – ie the overall health of your chakras and biofield (aura).

  • How you feel on a particular day – your mood, whether you are particularly tired, hungry or stressed

  • Where you are (eg shopping centres and hospitals are likely to weaken your field whilst being at the beach or on a nature walk will strengthen it)

  • Who you are with – are you hanging with people who uplift you, accept you are you are and are genuine? Did you run into someone who you seem to lose your power around?

  • How naturally empathic you are – are you constantly picking up on other people’s moods and thoughts and is your energetic boundary weak so you take that with you when you leave?

  • How grounded you are (which is affected by a ton of things)

Your task is to begin to become more aware of and understand your energy field’s natural set point – what is your normal day to day state and how easily are you picking up negative energies or being pulled down by situations or people. Once you understand this you can feel more confident in the world because you know where you are at energetically, what can weaken you and how to manage your own flow.

How can you do this?

Know your state and know your triggers

The key to psychic protection is understanding your particular baseline state and what triggers you so you can provide yourself with additional energetic protection through your consciousness, intention and more practical means when you need it.

Also, attitude plays a key role in protection. If you are feeling grounded, present, engaged and excited by life then it’s hard for anything or anyone to bring you down.

If you are feeling depleted, stressed, uninspired, you are immediately more susceptible. If this happens taking steps to strengthen your chakras and balance your energy will literally change the whole course of your day.

Prepare – build a daily practice

Your energetic state is just a starting point and can easily be improved in a myriad of ways. Consistency is key.

Here are some ideas:

  • Create a daily practice of grounding, cleansing and strengthening your chakras

  • Exercise regularly (whatever works for you is fine)

  • Eat clean

  • Hydrate

  • Slow down, breathe and create space for your energy to be recharged

  • Be mindful and present to your energy

  • Make time for anything that nourishes your spirit

Plan Ahead - what’s on the agenda?

Next, think about your day before you get there – we live at such a pace we can forget to take a moment to think about the people and events that we will be encountering until we get there. Knowing in advance what you are up against means you can plan ahead and be grounded and protected.

As part of this, don’t overschedule as it will weaken your field.

Instead, craft space and time in your day for you to regroup and reconnect with your energy. Even a nourishing green juice and some quiet time in the ten minutes before the weekly team meeting can help put you in a position to gracefully hold your own against Becky in Marketing.

In the moment

Here are four tips for how to manage your energy in the moment.

1. Breathe and centre

Take a breath and come into the moment. Feel your feet on the ground, sit up straight and become present.

2. Shield

A technique my teacher Belinda Davidson teaches in her School of the Modern Mystic Level 1 Program ( ) . Placing your hand across your Solar Plexus chakra (stomach region) when you feel your energy leaving you or like you need a boost to stand your ground.

This act immediately brings your energy back to you and gives you awareness of the difference between your space and theirs so you can hold your own.

3. Self talk

Self talk is key so be aware of what you are saying to yourself about you as a person, and about the events of your day and life. Let your self-talk support your field not weaken it.

4. Leave

Much of the time we can forget that you aren’t locked into a place and can actually leave!

On the phone – politely and firmly take your leave – have a helpful exit statement at the ready for example - ‘Actually I will need to call you back, someone has just come into my office’.

This gives you time to gather your thoughts and energy before continuing.

Face to face you can make a gracious exit even if it is just a trip to the toilet where you can breather and ground and re-organise your energy


Your energy and your time are amongst the most valuable possessions you have. Protect and care for your energy field as an act of self-love and support.

When your energy field is strong and well cared for you can handle the inevitable waves of life with grace and ease and move more smoothly through the rough times. Plus you will be in the best place possible to enjoy your life and live it fully.

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