How to Turn up the Volume on your Conversation with the Universe

Do you ever have a small niggling feeling - like some small part of you is constantly searching - looking for reassurance and guidance? Are you faced with situations (significant and not so) where you aren't exactly sure of the best direction to take, which path to walk?

Could you use a helping hand?

From the big stuff - what's my purpose? Will this venture succeed? To the smaller, but no less significant stuff - what's the best diet for me to follow? Should I invest in this practitioner or course? What if you could have a pipeline to an infinite and infallible source of wisdom?

As an intuitive and energy worker it is my belief and experience that we are always connected to the infinite wisdom of the Universe and that opening up a dialogue with Source allows us to converse and engage more deeply with that ever-present infinite force.

So come closer and I will tell you a secret - I connect with this force a lot – call it a reaching out, call it prayer – whatever sits comfortably - I do it – countless times each day. I align myself with this force outside of myself. Prayers of thanks, prayers of acknowledgement, prayers for change and for guidance.

It is always effective. It changes everything!

At the heart of a powerful prayer...

Are a core set of words – that have the energy of request and surrender.

The invitation for the universe to co-create with you and allowing the energy in to co-create with you.

I was shown this many moons ago when I was at an impasse with a health situation.

It was evening time and I was about to begin facilitating a personal development course at a national relationships centre. I went to the kitchen to fill up the water jug and as I watched the water I connected with my deep desire and said this prayer from the heart – “Universe Show me – Show me the next step in this situation.” I took a breath, and consciously connected to this energy. By then the jug was full so I let the prayer go and went to teach.

I began the evening's program...

Within moments a student was standing in front of me introducing herself as a ThetaHealer® who used the technique to shift subconsciously held beliefs and belief patterns and create wellbeing. My spidey senses tingled and I knew I had found the next step on the path to wellness. That my prayer said only minutes earlier had been instantly heard by the - this was the answer. In fact, it was also a key moment on my path to becoming an energy worker and intuitive.... And it all began with those 3 words “Universe, Show me”.

So here’s how:

Step 1. Breathe and centre yourself. Become aware of your connection to ‘that which is Greater’. Even just mentally acknowledge a greater force outside of yourself. Feel that instant connection to that eternal, invisible force.

Step 2. Become aware of the energy line that runs up through your feet and your midline. I see and sense this as a tube of white light glowing up your through centre and out the top of your head reaching into infinity.

(Steps 1 & 2 can take about 3 seconds)

Step 3. Ask – “Universe Show Me”…. the next step in this situation, or Show me what is next or show me how to think differently about this – chose your request. Offer it sincerely and willingly.

Step 4. Let Go – surrender your situation to something outside of you.

Step 5. Expect and allow change. Expect miracles and allow this to show up to show up – sometimes immediately, sometimes in the coming hours.

You will always receive a response - be it an answer or a sign. It may be in an unexpected form - so be open to that. You will always receive a response.

Try it - let me know what you think and - if you like it - please share it - this secret needs to be outted!!


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