“I anticipated and exciting and informative training course and that’s exactly what I got. Thank you, Justine for your knowledge, energy and clarity. I look forward to the next step.” Anne, psychotherapist, Perth


“Worth every cent – In one weekend the change in Self is amazing and phenomenal!” – Tara, Perth


“Justine Peacock is a phenomenal instructor. She has a wealth of knowledge – of Theta, and she is also a warm, nurturing and caring instructor. She has a calm, peaceful presence and is easy to learn from.” Linda Giannini, Healer, PERTH


“I enjoyed the course very much. It was very enlightening and has opened me up to being a more connected person. Thank you!” Veronica Robinson, ALBANY


"Justine Peacock's intuitive healing sessions are simply astounding!  

She has a unique style of channelling guidance and a clarity of expression, that combined deliver an incredibly relevant and personalised energetic balancing.

The space that Justine holds for clearing and transformation can only but lead to a flow on effect of positivity into one's life." 

Vicki, Sydney