Intuitive Life Coaching

Intuitive Life Coaching accesses my energetic and intuitive healing skills in a coaching format tailored and aligned to helping you achieve your goals. All the structure and vision of coaching with the added boost of intuitive alignments and clearing delivered weekly or fortnightly and targeted towards life enhancement?


Intuitive coaching is for people who want to transform their life and are ready to go deeper and work more powerfully than the traditional coaching process allows.


This program is right for you if you are interested in spirituality, energy and intuition and in harnessing this to create heart and soul led change your life. You are ready for the joy, freedom, stretch and transformation that only masterful coaching can bring.


Are you ready for a life coaching experience with heart and soul?


My Intuitive Life Coaching program will help you come into alignment with your truth.


This tailored program will have enough structure to hold you and support you but enough flexibility to ensure the journey is as unique as you are.


Each session will be powerful, impactful and uplifting and your journey to your goal will be a journey towards your truth, confidence and self-awareness.


Helping you to perceive yourself and your life and specific challenges differently. To see the learning opportunity and the gift.


Working together to set soul-centred goals, together we use our intuition to identify blocks and beliefs and help you create new beliefs, stories, mindsets, habits, patterns and behaviours. The process is dynamic working on mental, physical and energetic levels to support you to create lasting change. Your vibration will change and what you attract to you will transform.

Specific Goals

You may have specific goals around:

  • Finances and Abundance  – manifesting and redefining your relationship with money from scarcity to abundance

  • Improving self-confidence and self-acceptance so you can lead a peaceful  

  • Expanding your spirituality and intuitive skills so you can feel more consistently connected

  • Setting up or expanding your coaching healing or heart based business

  • Health goals

  • Being safe to step out and live your big dream

  • Setting boundaries, speaking up with confidence.

  • Starting a Creative Revolution – need a creative kick start

  • Improving the way you manage stress or anxiety.


6 x 60 minutes Skype sessions delivered fortnightly over three months with an option to extend for a further 6 or 12 months.

Unlimited email support from me during coaching period.



$700 per month for three months or upfront full payment discount $1980




Book a complimentary 30-minute discovery session to discuss your unique needs and identify the best program and structure for you.