Essential Oils

As body-mind psychotherapist and an intuitive and vibrational healer I work with the body-mind connection, the energy field and the chakras to help align, upgrade and integrate you on all levels – mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.


I have found essential oils to be an invaluable tool in supporting myself and my clients in across all levels of their wellness and wellbeing.


I find that my clients are looking for options – for tools in their toolkit that can support their immune system, physical ailments, emotions and moods etc.


I love to be able to support people to get these amazing powerful bottles into their homes for easy, simple and effective solutions to everyday problems. I also love supporting people to match and work with a particular oil or oils that can support them and their families with whatever they are dealing with.


doTERRA oils are pure, high vibration oils which easily integrate into people’s lives and become a source of practical relief, transformative change and delicious self-care.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are naturally occurring found in the seeds, roots, flowers, bark, stem, rind, leaves and other parts of plants. They are often powerfully and beautifully fragrant. The oils themselves are part of the immune system of the plant or may also play a role in pollination.

Almost for as long as recorded history, humans have been using the power of plants and essential oils in food, beauty and health care practices.


They are sacred gifts of the earth and are 50-70 times more powerful than herbs. They are very small volatile aromatic compounds. So called ‘aromatic’ because they have an aroma and ‘volatile’ because they are tiny and change state quickly. This means they can move quickly through the air and interact directly with the olfactory senses. These compounds go directly to the limbic system and can impact the fight/flight response in the old brain.


Some compounds can cross the blood brain barrier and they can travel through the body to wherever they are needed in the body.

This makes these essential oils unique, and powerful as a natural helper for our immune systems and wellbeing.

Do's & Don'ts of Essential Oils

Here are some tips for how to use your oils!!

Always use oils of a very high quality. Not all oils are created equal so be sure you use a brand that has a reputation for quality. I use and recommend doTERRA oils.


  • Do not use or get the oils in your eyes.


  • Be careful with your eyes once you are handling the oils.


  • Don’t work with one single oil for a prolonged time – say more than 5 days.


  • Less is more – avoid using oils undiluted oils straight on skin (get a dilution chart and make sure you always dilute properly).


  • Avoid internal use even where oils are therapeutic grade. This is a matter of personal choice but it is my recommendation.


  • Do not use when pregnant or nursing except with advice from a properly trained aromatherapist.


  • Keep oils out of plastic or synthetic containers as essential oils will leach toxins out of bottles. Store in glass.


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