Upcoming Events

I run regular doTERRA essential oils classes on Sydney's North Shore - usually between 2 and 4 per month. 

Please refer to Eventbrite or email me justine@justinepeacock.com.au for more details. 


Time - 90 minutes

FREE class for people interested in taking the first steps to learning about essential oils.

We will cover what they are, how they work, why they are so powerful.

This is a fun, relaxed experiential class and I will introduce you to the top ten essential oils ever home should have to support wellness, harmony and low-tox living.


Cost: FREE

Prerequisite: for people who are not yet enrolled in doTERRA.


ESSENTIAL OILS AND YOUR CHAKRAS - using essential oils to ground and balance your chakras and raise your vibration.

Time - 2 hours

For beginners as well as  people looking to deepen their understanding about how to work with oils. This class explores using doTERRA essential oils for emotional balance and integrating them into their spiritual practice.

In this beautiful, educational and experiential workshop I cover:


  • What are your Chakras, why are they important and how can you assess their health.

  • The emotional, spiritual, physical and energetic role of the chakras in your life.

  • Using essential oils to heal, clear and balance your chakras and energy.

  • Specific oils and blends for each Chakra plus specific practices you can use for energy clearing and balancing.


Cost: $25

Prerequisite: none

Email justine@justinepeacock.com.au for more information