If you sincerely desire to make lasting change in your life, working with me one on one will give you immediate tailored insight and transformation.


You can book online by visiting the 'Book Online' tab or email me to begin your transformation. 

The energies I access are phenomenal – the sessions are powerful and enlightening. We shift a tonne of stuff each time we get together.


With my background in coaching, psychotherapy and various energy therapies, plus countless practical healing hours, I ensure you leave a session feeling grounded, clear and inspired, with practical strategies for allowing these transformations to take effect in your life.


I am passionate about getting results for you and, let's be clear, if you want real change in any area of your life, you have to show up more than once. Consistency is the key to great outcomes and transformation.


When it comes to transmuting lifetimes of belief patterns and programming that are operating in all areas of your life, your commitment to change is a key component to your success.

You may be surprised that what you think you want to work on is not what you need to work on or, to clear what you do want to work on just what may come up in the process.


When we work, intuition and Spirit are the guides. Whatever needs to be cleared as a matter of priority will be cleared.  The Universal Mind and forces are far more intelligent than you or I when it comes to this process – they know the best path forward.

Please ensure you read the disclaimer section of my website before signing up to any packages.

Please note - 24 hours' notice is required to book, change or cancel a session. Sessions are often back to back and therefore must start and finish on time. Thank you for respecting my time.

Personal Consultations - 

AUD$150 per hour