If you sincerely desire to make lasting change in your life, working with me one on one will give you immediate tailored insight and transformation.


You can book online by visiting the 'Book Online' tab or email me to begin your transformation. 

The energies I access are phenomenal – the sessions are powerful and enlightening. We shift a tonne of stuff each time we get together.


With my background in coaching, psychotherapy and various energy therapies, plus countless practical healing hours, I ensure you leave a session feeling grounded, clear and inspired, with practical strategies for allowing these transformations to take effect in your life.


I am passionate about getting results for you and, let's be clear, if you want real change in any area of your life, you have to show up more than once. Consistency is the key to great outcomes and transformation.


When it comes to transmuting lifetimes of belief patterns and programming that are operating in all areas of your life, your commitment to change is a key component to your success.

You may be surprised that what you think you want to work on is not what you need to work on or, to clear what you do want to work on just what may come up in the process.


When we work, intuition and Spirit are the guides. Whatever needs to be cleared as a matter of priority will be cleared.  The Universal Mind and forces are far more intelligent than you or I when it comes to this process – they know the best path forward.

Please ensure you read the disclaimer section of my website before signing up to any packages.

Please note - 24 hours' notice is required to book, change or cancel a session. Sessions are often back to back and therefore must start and finish on time. Thank you for respecting my time.



Three Session Package

- AUD$420 (refer to main text)

One Off Consultations - 

AUD$150 per hour

3 Session Package


The 3 session package will create a powerful energetic shift by clearing old and unhelpful beliefs, patterns and energy and setting you up with clarity, confidence and a new approach.


This package is for you if any of the following apply:


  • You are feeling blocked, stuck or lacking clarity and want to blast out that stagnation and get clear and energized and reconnect with your sense of purpose.


  • You have a situation or pattern  - at work, in relationships, with your family or career or finances that you are ready to release and make way for the new focussed, confident and energised version of yourself.


  • You are seeking to align with abundance and financial security upgrading old patterns and habits around worthiness and being enough and enabling you to hold the vibration of more.


  • You are ready to step out of who you have been and be able to stand up for yourself, have a fresh start, have better boundaries and create more honest and real connections in your life.


Your Investment gives you

  • 3 x powerful 60 minute Skype calls with Justine

  • Email support during the duration of the program


  • My energetic support and holding space for you as one of my VIP clients during the duration of our time together.

Cost - $420 for three sessions two weeks apart.

Healing Through the Chakras


My signature healing program - truly profound and life changing.

This is a one-of-a-kind unique and intensive program for people who are ready to truly transform life.  It is for those who are prepared to dive deep into the core of the problem - whatever it may be and emerge from the shadows into the light.

Stronger, powerful, connected and clear. 


If you are ready to deep dive and transform your life with intuition and energy healing, this is your opportunity.


Whether it is:

  • banishing scarcity and abundance and releasing money blocks so you can align with prosperity and abundance

  • Transform your work or business or create a huge leap forward into a job or business you love

  • Release old fears and habits so you are ready to attract your soul mate

  • Transform your relationship with yourself from self-sabotage to self care and confidence

  • Something else that is a persistent block to you showing up as you want to!


This program works with energy and intuition, with intention and allowing energetically and practically to release old energy and patterns, activate the flow of energy and consciousness to permanently alter the situation.


The program consists of 7 dynamic and transformational coaching and energy healing sessions undertaken every two weeks via Skype or telephone.


We look at the vibration you are sending out into the universe and we work to heal, upgrade and delete the patterns and thought processes that do not serve you.  We create a wonderful opportunity for you to walk your highest path.


Investment includes:

Seven one-on-one Skype sessions lasting one hour each  (usually two weeks apart) plus in-between email and energetic support.

Each session is accompanied by a pre-work questionnaire relating to that fortnight's chakra. This educates and informs you, allows the deep programming to be made conscious and sets you up for powerful clearing and transformation in the session.


You will be powerfully supported in the one to one work and in between sessions.

Look at the course in more detail.

For more information please book a complimentary 20 minute discovery session with me so we can see how this program would work for you.


$325 per month for 4 months (or $1,297 upfront)