I have been a coach for 15 years. I have spent many years training people in coaching and in advanced coaching techniques and skills. I have worked as a mentor to coaches and as an examiner of coaches for the ICF accreditation exams.


Working with me in a coaching program is a fantastic way to create significant and sustainable change in your life around something you specifically want to have, do or be.


I am trained in Neuroscience based coaching which works with the science of the brain to create and hardwire changes to create behavior change and insights. In addition to this solid scientifically proven foundation, I am able to draw on my experience and training as a psychotherapist and intuitive wherever it is relevant in the moment.


My coaching style is a balance of logic and intuition, taking required and inspired action and when to allow. I also make space to be guided by my sixth sense about what you particularly need in the moment. This enables you to create new insights, lasting change and really benefit from the journey.


I have three types of transformative coaching programs for you.