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Are you ready to activate your career?

My career coaching program is like no other. I partner with you every step of the way and bring you my 15 years of career coaching experience to help you finally feel the way you deserve to about work and your career!


This coaching program is for you if you are:

  • Ready to stop treading water and start moving ahead in your career again.

  • Ready to stop holding yourself back from the promotion or career change that you know you truly want.

  • Frustrated with the process of trying to work full time AND find time to search for a new role.

  • Sick of getting rejection after rejection or hearing crickets when you apply for a role (and have no idea why?)

  • Wanting to end the Sunday blues you feel when Monday morning starts to come around again

  • Wanting to show up for work each day feeling motivated, seen, valued and respected.

Are you stuck in your current job or wanting to change your career but aren’t sure how?

Join me on this program and you will receive:

  • A careers assessment so that the next job aligns with your prior skills, drivers and vision

  • Clarity about your core transferable skills so you know what you bring to the employment table

  • Create a kick-ass resume that lands you an interview

  • Awareness about what employers are looking for in an application and how to make your stand out from the crowd

  • Fool proof interview skills so you nail it every single time and don’t need to stress over interviews ever again


Are you ready?

Then reach out today and get ready to be -


Well liked

Well respected

Well paid

In a job you LOVE!

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