I am by nature a very private person so here’s a peek at the things I rarely share:

  • I meditate every day – Yoga Nidra is my drug of choice with a side helping of a daily chakra cleanse.

  • I am vegan and gluten free with a dash of flexibility twice a week to keep things interesting.

  • I have journalled since I was 7 years old and still find writing the ultimate self-discovery tool and outlet.

  • I connected and talked to both of my children regularly before they were conceived and throughout the pregnancies. They both chose their names and revealed a lot to me before they were born. I know how sentient and aware these souls are. They know more than we do, actually.

  • I love the colour yellow! So much!!

  • I am pragmatic and logical and not particularly woo-woo, but I do have strange things happen to me. I love these happenings, they remind me how little we know for sure and how mysterious our existence is.

  • I believe in mermaids and unicorns and giants. I love to hang in nature with the fairies. In fact it isn’t unusual for fairies and gnomes to turn up to assist in many of my healings and in daily life.

  • I have loved the music of Tori Amos since I was 19. Her music is other worldly and incredible. I have met her a few times and undertook some energy work for her. She is dynamic, massively creative and a spiritual power house with a heart as big as the ocean.

  • I am private person and an introvert through and through. I feel energies deeply and usually I don’t thrive in crowded social venues - like shopping centres and workshops (- unless I am facilitating or speaking).

  • I love Tulsi tea.