I am Justine Peacock and I am here to help you change your life by 

remembering who you are and why you are here.  I help you create the change you are looking for by getting you unstuck, clear and ready to create what you want in your life.

As a qualified psychotherapist , career and life coach and an energetic and intuitive healer, I offer powerful individual sessions, coaching programs and workshops which give you the tools to what's holding you back and back into alignment.


Having completed two undergraduate degrees (Law & Commerce), a Masters in Law and post graduate degree in Psychotherapy, plus a successful (and continuing) career in corporate and career coaching and training a at an executive level, I merge both my spiritual and strategic sides in my work.

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I work with groups and individuals using a blend of skills I have developed through working in corporate training and coaching and on my personal growth journey.

Let me show you just how much wisdom and support you have access to instantly and effortlessly. Let me guide and support you to hear and honour the voice of your truth and intuition. The voice of your Highest and Wisest Self.


Let’s start your journey towards connecting with your true self, creating meaning and purpose and transforming your life.


I have been passionate about spirituality and personal growth since the days when my friends were reading Judy Blume and Sweet Valley High books, and I was devouring Wayne Dyer and practicing creative visualisation daily with Shakti Gawain.


My beliefs were clouded along the way, as I learnt that having ‘inner knowing’ wasn’t a smooth path, and that many people didn’t want to be ‘seen through’ in the way that I could see.  It seemed safer and easier to ignore this ability and keep quiet.  


Enter the conventional path!  I transferred my deep love of learning and thirst for knowledge to university where I studied for six years and became a lawyer. Once I graduated from law school, I buried myself in jobs that weren’t quite right for me but everyone else seemed to be happy in the corporate grind, so I thought eventually, I would get there, too. I wasn’t seen or valued. So I worked harder. 


Over time, authentic success and true happiness eluded me - the harder I worked, the more miserable and lost I became. (I even completed a Masters degree, but extra degrees weren’t the solution.)


In my spare time, I never lost the passion and desire to know my Soul and connect with Spirit. I continued to gather knowledge on energy work, spirituality and ‘the Other Side’. I was guided to and learnt from the best intuitives, healers and bodyworkers around. 


I completed a four-year cutting-edge degree in energy psychotherapy, becoming a career and corporate coach.  I worked as a facilitator of coaches, running leadership programs plus learning and development portfolios for international law firms in Australia and London. 


I forged a long love hate relationship with the corporate world and nurtured a split personality. Healer by night, career woman by day - too scared to make the final break. Inevitably it caught up with me and I came crashing down in a health and energy crisis.


So I got my brave on and committed to baring my soul and sharing my vast knowledge about energy, intuition and spirituality. I combined my love of teaching and coaching with my intutive and energy skills and began supporting and encouraging others to live their truth, too.  


It is my understanding that life is an incredible gift, but that it comes with challenges. Everyone has contrast in their life which offers an opportunity to learn, create and evolve.  


Through my continuing spiritual journey I have come to know and experience the universal light and energy that we all have access to through our intuition. 


It contains wisdom and information. It can shift instantly or incrementally. These infinite powers surround us all and are waiting for us to align with them and allow them in to transform your life and Soul.